Ap Malphite Best – A Brand New Fragrance From the Trendy World of Perfume

The Ap Malphite perfume is an absolute masterpiece. If you’ve ever used perfume before, then you will know why I really like it. As soon as I sprayed the first bottle, I did not know exactly what to expect but I did a bit of research online and found that the odor was made up of a mix of oriental floral oils, Mexican fire fruit, and the all-time favorite lemongrass. It’s simply gorgeous. The packaging is another fantastic thing – a clear, brown skillet jar that’s really attractive.

ap malphite top


The main ingredients at Ap Malphite Top are lemongrass, cinnamon, orange peel, wild berries, and magnolia blossoms. This Cologne has unique top notes that I instantly adored. It begins with spicy orange peel and then goes on to mix with cinnamon and other strong smells. The main fragrance ingredient here is a magnolia blossom which is a scent that is tough to find and often found in perfumes with strong floral notes, for example, Eau de Cartier for example.

Ap Malphite Top Perfume

Now, the bad news. My experience with Ap Malphite Top was not especially pleasurable. This perfume started off with me being quite underwhelmed by its odor. This Cologne had all the strong smells that I’ve come to expect from an Ap Malphite fragrance, but they just appeared to be less pronounced than usual. It also appeared to get a weaker aroma than many other floral established fragrances, which is surprising since the main ingredients are so strong.

Bottles of Ap Malphite Shirt

Once I’d worn a couple of bottles of Ap Malphite shirt, however, I began to notice there was no way I could ever remember any of the notes related to it. I am sure others will have noticed the exact same thing, but to my experience, it just doesn’t appear to stick out for long enough. Another drawback of this fragrance is that the best notes are extremely sweet. They don’t hold on for very long or really smell all that fantastic overall. That having been said, I’m unsure whether it’s the perfume’s fault or the bottle itself, but it didn’t work for me.

Bottle of Ap Malphite Top

So, I went out and purchased another bottle of Ap Malphite Top. This time, I chose to wear it throughout the day when I walked into work. I figure you can imagine my surprise when I smelled the sweet, sugary, flowery smells once again, and even though I know they are not strong enough to make my skin tingle, I can not help but imagine what they might smell like when more floral scents were inserted. Unfortunately, even as I completed reading this article, I still haven’t managed to track down any other fragrances that use flowery notes (apologies to Ap Malphite for using such a boring name). Perhaps a more floral odor could have worked better?

Review to Ap Malphite Top

With that said, I’m going to give the final thing in this review to Ap Malphite Top since the most enjoyable fragrance to wear and give it five stars instead of four! So, if you’re looking for a perfume with a bit of advantage and uniqueness, then you might give this one a try. It has a freshness about it that’s slightly surprising for a floral fragrance. When I had to compare it to another floral perfume, I believe I’d choose Lavender Essential by Christian Dior. Both brands have subtlety but beautiful scents, just separate from each other.

If it comes down to it, I suppose it’s really a matter of personal preference. I found some perfume which I liked better than others, and it’s those scents that I’m recommending to you. Bear in mind, these perfumes are simply offered at this site, rather than at any other location.


Have fun experimenting with fragrances, and remember that sometimes it’s good to talk with your instincts. I prefer the freshness of Ap Malphite shirt to many of the floral fragrances that I’ve smelled. It’s not always simple to explain smells, but when I can provide you a good idea of exactly what a fragrance reminds me of, then I’m pleased to do so. Enjoy smelling the most recent fragrance releases, whether they are available here or at any other place across the world! And recall. . .if it’s too good to be true, then it likely is.


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