Maymont Garden Glow

Verified 6 months ago, that the Maymont Garden Glow has become among the most sought-after events at the Fall. Join us as we transform the park into a luminous party of shades and lights. Glow Maymont will take you on an enchanted journey along the mystical Maymont Lake. Enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding landscape as you glide along the serene waters of Maymont Lake in search of magical colored lighted places. The unique “Glow” impact offered by the gardens is guaranteed to leave everyone in awe of the breathtaking beauty and incredible functionality of lighted plants and trees across the park.

Glow in the Sky

A “Glow in the Sky” tour is available for your occasion together with an indoor view of the gardens in the comfort of a comfortable chair. Enjoy the gorgeous fall colors, the hot autumn air, and the many unique interactive light displays happening through the garden. As the sun sets and the glow sets, so will the magic and the beauty of this magical place called the Maymont Gardens. The “Glow in the Sky” tour is available from mid-September through mid-November, while the indoor Japanese garden tour runs from mid-April to mid-June.

Must-See Festivals in Virginia This Fall

maymont garden glow

Enjoy outdoor fun at the Maymont Gardens in Cortez, Colorado. Enjoy the whimsical gardens, pathways, ponds, and fountains, and take part in the many gardening activities at this exciting destination. The centerpieces are designed to sparkle, bloom, and illuminate for the enjoyment of all ages.

Maymont Garden Glow

Garden Glow at Maymont Incorporates Many Outdoor Activities The entire Maymont Gardens is made up of more than 150 unique gardens and outdoor spaces. Each garden has its own character and beauty. Some are designed for relaxation and escape from the hectic pace of daily life, while others are designed with a splash of color that stimulates the senses. The Maymont Center for the Arts offers a great variety of free activities to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Chinese Garden Glow

‘Chinese Garden Glow’ at Robins Park The colorful gardens and pathways of Robins Park make it an ideal location for a Chinese Garden Glow event. The festival starts at dusk and runs for one hour, then the festival turns into the “Lantern Festival” and ends with a fireworks display. The first ten guests to the Visitors Center are offering a special lantern to take home. The festival includes special food and Chinese music as well as free admission for the first twenty-four hours and free fireworks after that.

Richmond and the Chinese Garden

“Richmond and the Chinese Garden” at Robins Park Richmond is located between Farmers Market and the Russian River. Visitors will get a taste of both Eastern and Western cuisine as they stroll through richly light-filled Maymont Gardens. At the Visitors Center, there are free map locations for landmarks. Music and fireworks commence two hours before the scheduled start time of the show.

Fall Lights and Glows

“Fall Lights and Glows” at historic Monticello Park The beautiful gardens of Monticello Park are the sites of an autumn night’s spectacular light-filled journey. Join thousands of tourists as they stroll on the marvelous paths of the park while experiencing the wondrous lighting effects. Once you have checked out the map you can make your reservation online by just filling in your email address and mailing a stamped envelope back to the event organizers.

Glow with fall colors

“Glow with fall colors” at City of Roses The City of Roses is a beautiful place where one can feel the soothing fall colors of the season. Take your cue from the professional event planners as they will help you plan everything for the best fall night ever. During the daytime, the roses bloom beautifully. The evening brings in the fireworks display that will astound all who attend. It’s an outdoor event though so be sure to check the local ordinances as some areas don’t allow open fires or open cans of beverages at certain times. Be aware of the posted rules before purchasing your tickets.

Hang In Your Porch with LED Light Emits

“Hang In Your Porch with LED Light Emits” at the Japanese Garden located right on the Maymont River A wonderful show, “Hang In Your Porch with LED Light Emits” will leave everyone in awe as the light-emitting diodes play up and down the length of the river. The lighted garden decor hangs from the structure as it dances along the water’s edge. There are also several other lighted exhibits in the garden that will also enchant visitors. The event starts off with a free concert from local Japanese bands. Afterward, enjoy the lighted bridges, Japanese lantern displays, delicious Japanese cuisine, live music, and karaoke during the evenings.

Glow with Richmond

“Glow with Richmond” at historic Richmond landmark The Great Salt Lake serves as the ideal backdrop for any festival. The only one of its kind, Glow with Richmond takes place during the month of September. For $5, admission is not included with the general festival admission. For those who want to experience the world-class food, craft beer, and robust spirits of Richmond without having to go inside the Great Salt Lake, Glow with Richmond provides an alternative. You’ll enjoy the same atmosphere without having to step foot into the spectacular natural environment. You can simply sit back, relax, and have fun watching the thousands of glowing colored lights as they dance across the Richmond River.


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