Paula Deen Green Bean Casserole

Making a green bean casserole is so simple, it is almost shocking that people still don’t create them as frequently as they need to. They are not just delicious but healthy too, and something that you may prepare over again. In fact, it’s most likely the easiest of all family meals to prepare.

Use Mushrooms

Utilize more mushrooms in this recipe than called for simply because they love them! You can use an assortment of them but retain them in the casing whenever possible to keep that freshness. If using mushrooms that you buy from the shop, cut them into chunks first and then use a fork to break them into small pieces. If you have them fresh, that is nice, but otherwise, just soak them overnight and use them the following day. A good tip to remember is to soak them till they are tender, which shouldn’t take more than 24 hours.

A different way to use mushrooms in this dish is to puree them with some liquid. The liquid may be stock or another sort of soup, or even vegetable oil. Pureed mushrooms are a superb base for other foods because they have so many wonderful nutrients that can be added to soups, stews, or other dishes.

Paula deen green bean casserole

Chopped Tomatoes

You might also enjoy serving your finished dish with some chopped tomatoes. Tomatoes are always welcome at a buffet table, and Paula Deen makes a fantastic soup that you may top with tomatoes if you’re looking for something a bit different. Simply add a little milk or water to produce the soup sip, and then use just a little salt or pepper to taste. This will also produce a nice change of pace from the traditional pasta dish which you may be serving.


Making this casserole a day beforehand is very simple. Just assemble it, heat it up in the oven, and serve it right from the dishwasher. If it’s cooked well, it may steam a bit before it’s served. Don’t be concerned about it, since it will not lead to any harm.

Use Paula Deen black beans

There are a couple of ways to use Paula Deen black beans on your Paula Deen green bean casserole. If you are not a big fan of dried beans, don’t hesitate to use canned beans. The vegetables should still be tender without having them wilt out in the hot cooking process.

Crumbled Bacon

You can also stir in some crumbled bacon, or ground beef if you’re feeling particularly brave. It’s a wonderful thought to have a raw vegetable salad available as well. This way, you can easily add whatever vegetables you’d like into the dish afterward, such as apples, bell peppers, peppers, etc. Utilize the reserved cooked bacon or steak for flavoring in this dish. It’s fantastic for parties when you know you’ll have lots of folks sampling it.

When working out this casserole, you are going to want to remember that you should split the meal into three individual dishes. It actually does not need to be an all-bean casserole, but ensure that it has at least two different types of beans. In this way, the spices will have a bit of variety. In addition, you could always serve your dish with a little bit of cheese on top. That way, you do not just have a bowl of soup, you also have some nice cheese on top.

Serve with Potatoes

The majority of people will serve this dish with potatoes, as it goes well together. In the event, you decide to do that you can use some potato chips, or just use some fantastic quality pasta. Keep in mind that this dish tends to go better when it is served with a little bit of onion. You can add some cream cheese to the onions as well if you want.

Best time to make Paula Deen green bean casserole

A Paula Deen green bean casserole can also be a great thing to function on your terrace during the hot summer months. This is because you can grill the vegetables right together with the meat and keep everything warm and toasty. If you don’t happen to live near a grill, you can also bake the casserole, which will help keep it nice and moist. Just bear in mind that this dish will taste best when served with vegetables cooked in liquid.

Paula Deen green bean casserole for Parties

For parties, this is an excellent way to give everybody with a good dose of healthy whole foods. Even better, since this is made with whole, natural ingredients, it provides you with fewer calories and fewer fat grams. This is a very smart selection for any party, large or small. In case you’ve got a crowd-controlling difficulty, you can even double up this dish and have a baked casserole with exactly the same ingredients, instead of using the normal recipe. In this manner, you get more folks eating veggies and you’ll still be quitting carbs while supplying yummy dishes at the same time. A Paula Deen green bean casserole is unquestionably a kitchen staple everyone should have in their own cabinets.


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