Optimizing Your homepage to Showing Your Ads on Top of the Search Results

Thus, what is so good about showing your ads in addition to the mobile page in search results? Everything comes down to a simple fact: whenever you see your ad on top of the list, you’re more likely to click through it! That is based on research done by Google. They discovered that individuals who view their advertisements featured over the normal search listings get twice as many clicks over those who see their ads at the bottom of the list. In other words, putting your advertisement on top makes perfect sense. Here’s how you can make sure that your advertisement is put on top and find the greatest possible clickthrough rate for your positioning.

showing your ads on top of the mobile page in search results is beneficial

Therefore, why is the top spot on the search result pages valuable for you personally? Well, according to Google: “top listing sites have a higher conversion rate.” Therefore, placing your ad on top is beneficial not just because more people will click through it, but also because more people will wind up on your website and finally, your profits.

Ad Positioning

However, here’s the actual key to maximizing your positioning on the cover of the search results: No matter where your ad is placed, you need to target certain keywords in order to receive a fantastic conversion rate. If your ad is placed on top, and you will find ads displaying on the left-hand or left side, you will only receive a small percentage of your conversions from such locations. To put it differently, it is pointless!

Benefit out of your Campaign

So, how can you ensure you’re getting the most benefit out of your campaign? Place your ads where your prospects are. No, I am not talking about placing your mobile program on the bottom of the webpage. That would be just mad. What I mean is you have to specifically target your ads. There are 3 big areas of the mobile web, where you could set your advertisements like the top of the page (where you can see it first), on the left-hand (that is where your ad will appear next to your competitors), or right-handed side (which will be the best location as you’re competing against larger, stronger competitors).

Ads Look

Now, let us discuss where your ads should look in order to make the most of your conversions. The top of the page (the one that you see if you do a search) has any benefits for you and your brand: they’re the greatest ranking placements, they are always in sight, they are highly visited, and they are very visible. All of these are fantastic advantages for you. But in addition, there are some downsides: your ads are seen by fewer people, your advertisement won’t appear until someone searches for what you’re offering, and when nobody searches your keyword, then your ad won’t appear in any way.

Ad Placement Side

So, how do you be sure that your ads are showing on the side instead? One way to do this is to position your advertisements so they are on the left-hand facet. It could take some experimentation to find the best placements, but if you do enough testing, you should start to notice some positive results. In our evaluations, we have discovered that the placement of our advertisements in the top right-handed corner has experienced the best click-through rates.

Another optimization tactic we use for our site ads is to place them under the fold. This means your ad doesn’t load till someone actually clicks on it. This is a huge benefit to search engine optimization. With search engines constantly pushing websites lower into the ranks, you wish to receive your site as near the very best as possible, which means that your ads are there when people are searching for the keyword phrases you’re advertising for.

Ads Strategy

Here’s another strategy for your homepage ads that can help you with search engine optimization: we suggest placing your advertising where people are likely to search. The main reason is that the default viewing location for the majority of folks is the left-handed side of the browser window. So if you put your advertisements right-handed, then individuals are more likely to see your ad when they’re trying to locate something, or they are seeking something specific. We recommend putting your ads right-handed. This way, they’re more inclined to understand your ad as they are searching. And the better you place your advertisements, the greater your click-through rates will be.

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