Tahm Kench: The Finest Rune For Hunters in Wow

Using a tahm kench top runes are among the best-tanking methods within a rune discipline. When using solve runes for tanking in World of Warcraft, the tahm kench is one of the vital components. However, what’s even more significant than that’s using an elite tank. In cases like this, it’s Senneles. It’s not tough to understand why. When using a tahm kench for tanking, your main goal should be to keep the enemy off of you rather than just tank you.

tahm kench top runes

Mana Drain

To begin with, remember that the kench builds do not use the typical “Mana Drain” strategy. Rather they rely on using Senna and Numbing Root for the primary tanking capabilities. What’s Senna? Well, Senna is a very valuable stat in almost any tanking build.

As a consequence of using Senna for tanking, you might realize your health pool will increase appreciably. And you’ve really just scratched the surface of just how much value there is to Senna as the main stat. Because of this, you’ll find you have a lot more endurance and health than you believed you did. These assemble focus on stamina but also heavily depend on strands. Here’s where the kench builds glow:

Group Kench Build

One thing you can count on using a group kench build is that the use of containers. These pots are very strong, especially when it comes to using these to cure yourself. Since you hit higher levels, you’ll find you’ll be able to cure yourself and still put out considerable amounts of damage. As you increase in endurance, you’ll find that this ability will increase even more powerful.

Tax Kench

When you’re using a tax kench construct, you have the option of boosting your primary stats. You do this by using a couple of pieces of gear that boost your stamina. In my experience, the best things to couple with those gears are rocks or health potions. Both of these will do the job. It all depends on the particular build, which you are using.

Team Kench Spec

Concerning damage, among the biggest weaknesses of the team kench spec is the fact that it can’t deal with large burst damage. So it’s important to understand that you shouldn’t attempt to chain your attacks all around the area. Instead, you should group up and struck a couple of times then move on. The goal is to keep the enemy busy long enough for one to get to a much better spot to deal with him/her.

Cleansing Reagent

Once you’ve killed an opponent, then you must immediately use a cleansing reagent. Cleansing reagents are extremely good at eliminating unwanted effects from enemies. You might also use them yourself if you would like. When you’re out in the wild, do your best not to use your runes or forces unless you are certain you’ve killed an enemy. This is a really common mistake made by new players.


Since you play the sport longer, you might discover that you have a better comprehension of how everything works. You will be able to use your tahm kench more efficiently. It is also possible to make your own builds based on what skills/ability combos you feel you have the most powerful. But don’t rely too much upon your own tahm kench, instead, make decent use of your talents and abilities.


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